Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Who is Planting Trees after Every Move in Nashville?

The Green Truck Movers situated in Nashville, Tennessee is committed to building stronger communities through Eco-friendly efforts as well as public service. Since opening in April 2010 The Green Truck Movers has planted over 5000 trees locally and in third world countries. This commitment is accomplished through our partnerships with Trees for the Future and The Tennessee Environmental Council. Each month The Green Truck Movers Nashville visits at least one elementary school within the Metropolitan area, to do a local ceremony of planting trees. During this event we educate elementary kids, grade 1 – 4, about the benefits of planting trees and living Eco-friendly lifestyles.

With every move, The Green Truck Movers is planting two trees as the benefits of planting trees on our environment and the future is that:
  • Trees mark the four seasons of Earth.
  • Trees supply oxygen to our planet. In one years’ time an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people.
  • Some trees can provide food to humans as well as birds and wildlife. An apple tree can produce as much as 15-20 bushels of fruit per year.
  • Trees clean the air we breathe.
  • Trees absorb odors and gases.
  • Trees provide wood.
  • Trees help prevent soil erosion.
  • Trees conserve energy.
  • Trees combat the greenhouse effect.

In assisting with planting trees in the community and to receive a committed attitude to providing extraordinary customer service, give The Green Truck Movers in Nashville a call on (615)788 6982 or visit us at 315 10th Ave. N Ste.107 Nashville, Tennessee 37203. 

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