Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pre-Move Donations Guide

One of the most well known tenets of green living is these 3 basic principles: reduce,reuse, recycle. In preparing for your move with Green Truck Movers, sifting through the massive inventory of items we all seem to accumulate for items you would like to donate is a wonderful way to put those principles into action - not to mention that it make a dramatic difference in lightening your moving load!

There are so many worthy organizations that in need of donations, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where best to donate your goods.  That’s why we have prepared a list of nationwide donation centers that will happily accept your used items. Happy donating!

Donation Guide

  1. Linens - Many animal shelters are in desperate need of soft blankets, towels, and linens that they can use in their animal cages. Contact your local shelter or veterinarian to discover the best places for your linen donations.  

  2. Car - Perhaps you’re moving soon and don’t want to trek your clunky car across the country. Instead of getting a few bucks on Craigslist, why not donate it to a worthy organization? Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Cars for Kids’ Sake (bbbs.org) will happily take your clunker. They will pick up your car for you, resell it, and use the proceeds to benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters programs in your community. They even take old construction and farming equipment. Habitat for Humanity and the American Diabetes Association also accept vehicle donations.

  3. Professional Attire - Dress for Success  is a non-profit organization that collects professional attire for men and women in need.  If you have any business suits, professional apparel, footwear, or accessories consider donating to this worthy cause. Visit https://nashville.dressforsuccess.org/get-involved/donate/ for more information.

  4. Electronics - The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a tool that shows you exactly where to donate your specific electronic item. Just be sure to delete any personal information before you donate. Visit http://www.epa.gov/osw/conserve/materials/ecycling/donate.htm
  5. General Goods - Most everyone is aware of the Goodwills and Thriftsmarts widely available throughout Middle Tennessee for general goods donations, like clothing, electronics, appliances, furniture, books, and more. Many communities have other thrift stores and periodic donations events - particularly local ministries.  If you’re unsure about a particular item, pick up the phone and call for specifics about what is accepted before wasting a trip.

Remember, make sure everything you give away is in good working condition. If the items you’re donating are in poor, non-functioning condition, the charity has to burn its resources in finding ways to deal with or dispose of them.

When it’s time to relocate your Middle Tennessee home or office, the Green Truck Movers are the your eco-friendly, whole move professionals! The Green Truck has been relocating families and businesses since 2010. We are committed to building stronger communities through our eco-friendly efforts and public service. Call to schedule your Greater Nashville moving date with Green Truck Movers today at 615.788.6982.

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