Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Creating the Perfect Moving Checklist

Moving can be stressful, and with it comes the packing, the sorting, the labeling and then the moving inside a truck. Obviously, the moving of boxes and bringing them in and out of homes can be done through a professional service, but what about the sorting, packing and labeling? You still have to take care of that, and there is a way to make this much more easier on you. 

Through the use of a moving checklist, you can not only pack, sort and label but you can ensure that everything that needs to get done for your move, is done. Never miss something, since you can check them off as you go down the list and get things done. Always consider these moving checklist to-do's when creating your list.

Creating the Moving Checklist 

  • Sorting and Purging - This is when you go through each room of the home, sort through everything, get rid of things you don't want and minimize the clutter, so you're not bringing it all with you to the new place. As a tip, start in one room and work your way around the house. 
  • Speak with the moving company that you're going to moving with. You want to have them ready to go on the moving day, so you're all prepared. 
  • Keep a Folder - Place the important documents for the move inside it, receipts and anything else that you might need quickly, to reference or for whatever else.
  • Order Supplies - You might need bubble wrap, furniture movers and boxes. Making sure to have these is a great idea. It can help move the process faster.
  • Start Using Up Perishables - Anything that could go bad during the move i.e.: the milk, the eggs, etc., you're going to want to use up in the couple of weeks leading up to the move. This will ensure that nothing is wasted, or goes bad.
  • Begin Packing - Start your packing room by room. Make sure that everything fits nicely in the boxes, and that they are not over-packed, because you do not want them to break when being handled. Clearly label where they go, and if they are fragile. 
  • Make an Overnight Box - Overnight boxes are great for those first few days when you need to access clothes, sanitary products or food. Make sure it is all clearly labeled and together. You want to keep those where you can see them, or pack your duffel bags with these items for you to move in your vehicle.
  • Keep Valuables Safe - Pack your valuables in a separate place while boxing things up. This is the bag that you want to keep with you, and this can include any sentimental items. You do not want those to get lost.
  • Do Transfers for the New Home - When you move in, you have to change school records, bank records, records for anything that might use your address, and of course, your mail. This should all be done around the time you move. 
Of course, you can also add your own twist and specifics to the moving list, to make it your own since we might have left something out. However, we promise that this can make your move much smoother than without a list. 

Speak with us here at Green Truck Movers, so you can get the move you need, and the stress taken off your shoulders. We are a professional team of movers that can get your stuff from one place, to another in no time at all. Contact us today to learn more, and to get a custom quote for your move. 

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