Thursday, December 4, 2014

Green Truck Moving Company

The Green Truck Moving Company

Each day countless families pack their cherished belongings into tens of duct taped, cardboard boxes to be stacked into trucks and moved across city, state or country for a new beginning. However, you know as well as I do that the moving process is no walk in the park. First, there are those rude and careless moving men that pay no attention to the value and age of your great grandmother’s bed frame, passed down from generation to generation. Second, the nagging worry that the brand new plasma screen you got on black Friday wasn’t packed carefully, and you’ll peel back the bubble wrap to find a jagged crack down all 60 inches. No telling how many trees had to be cut down to produce that huge heap of cardboard you have to dispose of when this is all over. What will you even do with it? You just moved, the last thing on your mind is finding the nearest recycling center to cut down on environmental waste. It’s all so tedious and time consuming, after all these years there must be a better way!
Now there is, introducing The Green Truck Moving Company in Nashville, Tennessee.  Since opening in April of 2010, Green Truck Moving has prided themselves on their outstanding customer service. They understand the negative image surrounding the moving industry and guarantee their customers the highest level of satisfaction in residential, business and corporate relocation moving services.  In addition to their superb customer service, Green Truck Moving’s mission is to build stronger communities through eco- friendly efforts as well as public service.  These easy and reliable green movers uses fuel efficient, bio-diesel trucks and all biodegradable packing materials, furniture blankets and equipment that are just as efficient as the ordinary moving materials.

 You don’t even worry about getting rid of all the empty boxes, after every move Green Truck Moving Company will come back to any customer’s new home and pick up any moving related waste to be properly recycled.  Finally, Green Truck has partnered with Trees for the Future and the Tennessee Environmental Council to plant two trees per moving job, and over it’s four years of business has planted over 5,000 trees in local cities and even third world countries.
Give Green Truck Moving the green light to help you and your family move forward!
 Improving moving one home and two trees at a time.
Located: 315 10th Ave N #93, Nashville, TN 37203

Contact us at (615) 778-6982or visit our website at to schedule your move online.

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