Sunday, December 21, 2014

 Support the Green Move-Ment”
December is a month packed to the brim with festivities. There are Christmas parties galore, eight nights of Hanukkah and for a special few even college graduation! Graduation is such an amazing time for families to celebrate. Relatives come in town to celebrate the academic accomplishments of their kin, and parents rejoice that the tuition bills have finally come to an end.

However, for many that choose to further their education away from their hometown graduation also means moving. No one, and I mean NO ONE enjoys moving. We’ve all thought to ourselves before that our kids really can’t acquire that much stuff in four short years. But once your three trips deep with the U-Haul, and the sun is sinking quickly from the sky you start to second-guess your husband’s brilliant decision to take this project on yourselves. In the end it’s actually more expensive than paying a moving service. The furniture is heavy and the bubble wrap and packing materials for delicate items keep piling up. Eventually all you see is dollar signs, and instead of the proud mom you should be this entire month your frustration is starting to show through. Not to mention all the cardboard, packing paper, and crap you’ll have to get rid of once you get everything settled into your grad’s new place.

Why not avoid all this unneeded stress and continue the celebration by contacting Green Truck Moving Company today? They are located in Nashville and serve all surrounding areas. Not to mention this is the only eco friendly moving company in the area! Green Truck Moving Company uses only the most environmentally friendly packing materials and handles all of your cherished belongings with extreme care. Even their trucks are fuel-efficient!

Then there’s the cherry on top! After you’ve helped your graduate unpack and get settled into their new place, all you have to do is call Green Truck; they will come back and pick up any moving material trash for free! It’s a dream come true. As if the offer isn’t good enough, for every move that this company completes they plant two trees to further support the environment!

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but you’ll feel like it does when you use Green Truck Moving Company! Visit their website today
Or contact them via telephone at (615) 788-6982 to schedule an appointment.   
315 10th Avenue North #93, Nashville, TN 37203

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