Friday, January 9, 2015

Nashville Moving Insurance

Contact The Green Truck Movers situated on 315 10th Ave. N Ste.107 for more in depth information regarding Nashville moving insurance details. It is very important to understand that it is the mover’s responsibility to make sure that he/she is properly insured when moving, and not the moving company’s. Just because the moving company says they are insured, does not mean that they are fully insuring your merchandise when moving.

Following are 3 types of moving insurances to consider when moving:
  1. Is the company insured against damage to property and or vehicles (commercial/automotive insurance)?  
  2. Is the company insured against damage to special furniture such as a piano (cartage/content insurance)?  
  3. Is the company insuring its workers against injury (Workman's Compensation)? 

Never assume that all of the above are being covered (unfortunately most people do and sometimes pay a dear price for it). Is there a legal document to show that the customer is insured? The MOST IMPORTANT reason to use a REPUTABLE mover, has to do with insurance.

For a committed attitude to providing extraordinary moving customer service, give The Green Truck Movers in Nashville a call on (615)788 6982 or visit us at 315 10th Ave. N Ste.107 Nashville, Tennessee 37203.

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