Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tips for Job Relocating

According to, every year 1/10 Americans move.  Oftentimes, these moves are job related.  For this reason, Green Truck Movers of Nashville, Tennessee, the specialist in clean energy moving, thought we’d give you four quick tips on how to have a great job relocation.

1.     Learn your company’s relocation services.  Most companies that require you to relocate offer assistance including payment for house search trips, transporting your cars, and even help placing your spouse in a job in the new city.
2.     Explore the new area before moving.  Make sure you check out the neighborhoods in your new home in person, to find an area that best suits your family’s needs.  If you can’t visit, check out websites on the area, talk to current neighbors who used to live in your future home, or have people put you in touch with current residents to get a sense of the culture.
3.     Check if you can write it off.  Oftentimes, people who relocate for work are eligible for partial reimbursement come tax time. 
4.     Know the cost of living.  The cost of living varies greatly between different cities, even within the continental U.S.  Always make sure the difference in cost of living is being compensated for in your salary.

While Green Truck Movers can’t help with every aspect of your move, we’ve got getting your possessions from point A to point B covered.  We’re an affordable moving company that specializes in long distance moving, storage moving, corporatemoving, and residential moving.  Our competitive moving company prices and our professional movers use green, ecofriendly, gas efficient trucks that use biodiesel.  Biodiesel vehicles run on varying organic oil compounds and don’t release carbon into the environment when combusting.

If you’re looking for professional and reliable movers with great customer service, and a company that’s environmentally friendly, contact Green Truck Movers today!

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