Saturday, April 11, 2015

Family Move

You just got a new job and you’re relocating your family to Memphis.  You’ve been in the same home for 10 years, but after moving almost yearly for most of your kids early lives, your wife and kids are happy for the change.

The move is happening over the summer and you still have a three month window of freedom between finishing up your old job and starting your new one, so you decide to try and pack/move on your own.  After all, you’re home in Nashville is fairly modest compared to earlier spaces you and your family lived in when you were in your later 20’s, and you moved your family then.

A month into trying to get everything packed, shipped and trucked, you realize you’re in over your head.  The idea of wrapping all of the furniture alone stresses you out, not to mention packing all of your possessions into boxes and figuring the most economical way to fit it all into the smallest possible moving truck to drive across the state.  You go online to find movers who will also keep the space and supply usage to a minimum, while still doing a quality job of getting your stuff form point A to point B and stumble upon GreenTruck Movers of Tennessee.

Also, if you’re looking to hire green movers with an interest in the environment, all of Green Truck Mover’s vehicles are gasefficient trucks.  Our trucks run on biodiesel, a vegetable based environmentally friendly combustible that doesn’t put excess carbon into the atmosphere.

If you’re looking to move and are interested in finding a company with a great deal and an interest in the environment, visit our Website.  Green Truck Movers can’t wait to help you get to your new home!

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