Wednesday, June 17, 2015

5 Tips for a Successful Moving Sale

If a move is in your future, you’re in luck. We are in the midst of prime moving sale season. You’ve already decided that not everything will be able to make the trip to your new home. So get ready! Clearing away the old to make room for the new - whatever that means in your life - can be invigorating. Here are some tips from The Green Truck Movers for hosting your own moving sale.

1. Set the date

Always do a little investigation before setting the date. What dates are best for your family and helpers? The best way to ensure your sale is stress free is to enlist as much help as possible. Next, consider what dates are best for your neighborhood? If, by chance, there happen to be any area-wide sales upcoming, participating is a great way to ensure good traffic for your sale. Otherwise, look at local events that will either cause congestion that would be a barrier to attendance, or be likely to draw attendance. Be sure to check in with your HOA or local council to see if you need permission or a permit to host a yard sale. Occasionally, restrictions on location, signs, hours, noise level, and what equipment you use to set up your sale (can you put those posts and tables on that grass lawn?) exist.

2. Pull and price your inventory

After you choose the items you want to sell, make an inventory and price list. If your goal is to maximize your sale profits, take the time to research what your items’ value and look around to see what others are paying for them. You and your helpers will use your price list to clearly tag items as time permits.

3. Make it look good

As you set up for your sale, be sure to allow time to clean, test and fix anything that you will be selling. Having items in good condition increases their odds of finding a new home, and definitely increases their sale value. Additionally, spend some time cleaning up your sale location (mow your lawn, pick up any junk, sweep, clean your garage). You don’t want people to leave if they can’t find the sale items amidst the mess - or to even refuse to get out of the car. And as far as display is concerned, the more attractive you can make it, well, the more attractive it will be! Setting things up as clearly as possible makes it easier for your customers to find the things that interest them. Whenever possible, it’s always a good idea to group “like” things together.

4. Get the word out

Advertising, advertising, advertising! It’s important to spread the word about your sale. You will you want to make plenty of signs to post in well traveled nearby locations with good, clear directions and LARGE print. There are plenty of other ways to share information on a grassroots level: advertising in your local paper, online listings like Craigslist, event listings on community portals like your HOA or church website bulletin board, Facebook yard sale and community pages, and asking local businesses and community groups to display flyers. If you are putting up flyers or posters make sure you are doing it where permitted. Try nearby Rec centers, community noticeboards, or local cafes. It’s also useful to decorate on the day of the sale, like placing balloons at the mailbox, so everyone can easily find you.

5. Be prepared

Expect the unexpected. Collect bags and boxes in advance for your customers to carry their new treasures home in. Collect some tarps to place over your tables if a storm suddenly rolls in, or have tents that you can put up. Making sure you have plenty of smaller bills and coins is very important. Not everyone is going to have exact change. For those with higher-ticketed items for sale, you may choose to invest in a Square or PayPal card reader that plugs into your smartphone. Their purchase price is refunded back to you, and instant debit transactions tend to be more reliable these days than a personal check; especially if you advertise your sale as a “moving” sale. Of course, if you do so, remember to include, if you wish, the small transaction fee into your item’s sell price, and be sure to take the time to practice using the device.  
We hope these tips help you have a fun, stress-free and profitable sale!
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  1. These are such great tips for cleaning house as you relocate! Thank you for the share.