Thursday, July 23, 2015

“Bearing Fruit” at East Nashville’s Martha O’Bryan Center

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By now you may be familiar with The Green Truck’s commitment to being a responsible citizen, both globally and locally. Giving back to the community is a core value and as such, The Green Truck has been steadily working to make a difference in our Nashville community through eco-friendly efforts and public service. Since it’s inception in April of 2010, they have followed through on their pledge to plant two trees after every move.

The Green Truck regularly visits at least two Nashville Metro schools each month to do a tree planting ceremony. The visit is an opportunity to educate elementary kids in grades 1st through 4th about the many benefits of planting trees and living eco-friendly lifestyles.

A Few of the Many Benefits of Planting Trees
  • Trees help fight crime
  • Trees give us creative ideas
  • Trees help eliminate stress
  • Trees provide healthy snacks
  • Trees create homes for birds and wildlife
  • Trees provide shelter from the elements
  • Trees help prevent erosion
  • Trees are great for swings

In the picture above, we see Green Truck President Derrick Moore checking on the progress of a number of Peach Trees planted at the Martha O'Bryan Center in the East Nashville neighborhood about 3 years ago. He says, “We are proud to report that they are now feeding the neighborhood!” It’s a good feeling.

Today, The Green Truck Moving & Storage Company has planted over 5000 trees combined, both locally and in third world countries. Their partnerships with Trees for the Future and The Tennessee Environmental Council have helped make all of us possible. Green Truck puts the Green Initiative at the heart of their business - in fact, many would call the way they approach their business “leading from heart”.
The Green Truck Movers loves meeting and working with the people of Middle Tennessee. Giving back to the community is just one way they express their gratitude. For more information or to schedule your move with The Green Truck Movers, click here or call (615) 241-5977.

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Green Truck Movers: A Nashville Moving Company, Improving The Community With Each Move.

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