Monday, August 10, 2015

5 Tips to a Relaxing First Night In Your New Home

1st night new home.jpg Your first night in your new home!
It’s hard to tell whether whether you’re more physically or emotionally exhausted. One’s thing’s for sure: it’s time for a little rest and rejuvenation. Moving may be hard work, but it’s also an adventure, and one you’ll probably remember for the rest of your lives. At Green Truck Movers, we love making your move as easy as possible. Here are some of our favorite first night moving tips to ensure that with a little advance planning, your first night moving adventure will be a memory you’ll enjoy revisiting.

Did someone say delivery?
Unless cooking is your personal passion, leave the cooking to someone else! Sure, you could probably find your pots and pans eventually somewhere amidst the fray, but is it really worth the added congestion and frustration? Besides, you’re probably already hungry. Pre-move, do a quick investigation of your new neighborhood for  local eateries that deliver, and be sure to check their hours. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a relaxing meal delivered to your door after a long hard day of work, only to discover that the last restaurant in your area has already closed down for the night.

Essentials kit
What are those items that you and your family can’t live without? It’s the everyday important things like toothbrushes, utensils and fresh clothes, but it’s also those little things that soothe weary minds, like Mr. Bunny, or your favorite cozy slippers. Making a list and checking it twice is a sure way to make your first night as comfortable as possible - not to mention circumventing  meltdowns from the littlest members of the family.

Plan for entertainment
Whether it’s movie night, charades, or your favorite board games, this is another area where a little advance planning goes a long way. You probably don’t have the cable or internet set up yet. Is there another option, like a portable hotspot, or will you need to pack dvds? Nothing like making your first night a family bonding night that everyone will enjoy.

Mini tour
You’re probably too tired to go out, but still, a nice little walk around the block to begin soaking in the new sights and sounds may be just what the doctor ordered. What are you looking forward to exploring first: that cute little coffee shop with the massive library, the historic park just down the street at the river, or maybe even getting acquainted with the uber friendly black lab belonging to the neighbor across the street who ran out to greet you? Taking a few minutes to drink in the atmosphere, get your bearings, and make mental notes can be very therapeutic.

Rest well  - you deserve it!
After all that hard work, don’t forget to exhale! Now, go get those fluffy slippers we talked about, slip into a nice bubbly bath followed by your most comfortable sweats. You’ve already got the kids engrossed in a movie and they’re about ready to crash. You did it! This calls for a toast. Planning for a celebratory treat like champagne or sparkling cider is a great way to christen your new home and congratulate yourself on a job well done. There. Now doesn’t that feel better?

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