Monday, August 24, 2015

7 Characteristics of Trustworthy Moving Companies


Moving is hard enough
Without having to worry about finding a moving company you can trust - and avoiding the disreputable companies that prey on unaware customers, putting them in the frustrating situation of paying exorbitant hidden charges in order to see their belongings again. That’s why it’s so important to do the research before you trust the care and handling of a lifetime of memories to just anyone. Do not be afraid to ask key questions. You’ll be glad you did later. Your thorough inquiry in the interim can save you from much frustration, heartache and expense later. Here is a list of the 7 Characteristics of Trustworthy Moving Companies:

1) They are experienced and established in their community.
Look for press and posted references and reviews from past customers. Is there positive buzz among former customers? Every company has a dissatisfied customer from time to time. It’s virtually the price of doing business. Is there evidence that they reached out and did their best to resolve the matter swiftly, respectfully and satisfactorily? Check with their local BBB.

2) They are they licensed and insured.
For state to state moves, the moving company should have a US DOT number, a unique license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. You can search for this HERE. Within the state, a state license should be in place. Next, confirm that they are insured at the same site as before, HERE.

3) They have they won customer and/or community service awards or accolades.
This could be anything from Angie’s List to commendations from local schools. If they care about investing in their customers and their community and it shows, this is a company you can likely feel good about trusting.

4) They clearly communicate the what is covered in their rates.
There should be no mystery here. Different companies have different policies. Is it an hourly rate or a move quote? How firm is the estimated hourly or move quote? Do they add overtime charges at a certain point? What about other penalty charges? Are fuel charges included in the quote or additional?

5)  They offer special service  perks
Things like carefully wrapping your furniture to protect it from damages, complimentary moving blankets and supports, furniture tear down and set up, and any special savings opportunities like referral discounts, special savings offers or more affordable days of the week to book your move.

6)  They measure doorways, stairways, hallways and elevators in advance
Rather than the incorporating the time-honored technique of poor movers everywhere, the “hope-shove”.

7) They have questions for YOU!
An experienced mover will ask a range of questions in order to be ready with necessary preparations that ensure your moving experience is a great one, like whether or not an apartment building or condo has elevators. An eager estimate without any questions is a clear red flag. Your communications with them should clearly confirm that they are a service dedicated company.

Communication is key
In the end, clear, thorough communication from both the moving company and the party being moved is key for the most successful move possible. Moving is by nature stressful, but at The Green Truck Movers of Nashville, we take great pride in making our customers’ moves the most positive, stress-free experience possible.

Extraordinary Customer Service
We make it our mission to provide extraordinary to provide extraordinary customer service as well as moving services. Furniture breakdowns (beds, dressers, etc.), secure wrapping with furniture pads, and rearranging of rooms upon unloading is complimentary with every move! Once you have finished unpacking your belongings, just give us a call and we will schedule a time to pick up your cardboard boxes and recyclable moving materials.

We know how to make your move pain free and efficient. For more information or to schedule your move with The Green Truck Movers, click here or call (615) 241-5977.

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