Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving is a long process, but with the right help behind you; you never have to worry about being left behind. A moving company can take a lot of stress off your shoulders, since they can do a lot of the lifting, moving and turning that is needed. However, they cannot take care of the pets you may have to move to the new place. They might end up in the way, and you might need to consider some of these tips when it comes to moving with pets and making sure they are not forgotten in all of the stress, move and excitement. 

Pets Tips 

  • If possible, find someone that you know or a kennel or other animal lodging service that is able to take your pets for you. You want them to be cared for, and not in a stressful environment as you go through the move. 
  • Set alarms, if you do not have someone to watch them, for every time they need to go out or be fed. This will ensure that even though it can become quite hectic, you’re not going to forget that they need something. 
  • Move them to the new home first, if possible. This will get them out of the way, and give them somewhere they can settle down without having to be in the midst of the commotion. Keep them in a room in the new place. 
  • Have kids occupy the pets while you pack and load everything up. You can make sure to keep them both busy, and out of the way when you choose to do this. It not only helps on both ends, but ensures that neither is going to get into any type of trouble. 
  • Hire movers! You can sit back and worry about the other things that need to be handled, such as the pets and kids, since they’re doing the moving for you. You just have to do the packing, and the unpacking when you get to the new place. 

Whenever you have to go through a move, it is essential that you keep it as simple as it can possibly be. This is due to the fact that sure, you have a lot on your plate but when you take the time to step back and worry about those little things, while someone takes care of the rest; it can go much smoother. 

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