Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Clever Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

Moving into a new home takes time. It takes time to move all of your items from one home, to the next. However, it also takes time to make the new house into a home. There are a few ways to make the house feel like a home, just by doing some simple things. Once you start feeling more comfortable in your surroundings, you can truly feel at home with the new house that you’re living in. 

Make the Kids Room First 

When you put together the rooms for the kids, you can feel more at home because they have their own spots put together. This can also make them feel more at ease, while giving them something to do while you’re working on the rest of the home.

Put Up Those Familiar Sights and Sounds

Hang up familiar family photos, and make sure to hang any clocks or run any fans that you would normally run in the home that you once had. This can make the space you just moved into more like home. Your familiar belongings can make it easier for you to feel comfortable. 

Go Along Your Regular Routine 

When you go along in your regular routine, everyone can feel more at home. When the whole home is uplifted within the world of moving, everyone is off balance and this can leave big voids in the new home. Make it a great experience by keeping everyone up to task with their normal schedules. 

Make it Comfy

Lay out that mattress, get the pillows and the blankets and make sure you’re comfortable when the time comes. You want to lay out on the comfortable pieces that you feel the most familiar with when moving somewhere new. When you feel safe within a bed, within your own blankets, then you can truly feel at home.

Skip That Pizza Delivery

Instead of ordering pizza on the first night or two at the new place, create a box for some quick meals to make and enjoy together. When you make meals in the kitchen, not only does it give the home a nice smell but it makes it feel more like you are home. Ordering pizza makes you feel more like you’re on a vacation in an unfamiliar place.

When you want to make that move a bit easier, then speak with us here at Green Truck Movers. We can help you move your items from the old house, to the new and even help you bring everything in. Moving is tough already, let us handle some of the work load. 

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