Monday, March 7, 2016

12 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Move (and Your Life) Much Easier

Let’s face it. No one likes moving, and everyone finds it stressful. However, there are ways to get around this type of stress that you’d find when moving your items from one place to the next. You want to ensure that you’re happy with the outcome, but also that you didn't spend all of your time worrying about how the move is going to go.

  1. One of the biggest tips that not many people think of is to pack an overnight bag. This can be a bag with the essentials that you need in it for a few nights. This will help you find what you need such as clothes, toiletries, food items and so on.
  2. Wrap all of the breakables you’re packing in clothes, blankets and other soft items to save on bubble wrap and other packing materials.
  3. Label the boxes with the items that are in them, and the room that they are going to be going in. Not only does this remove any guest work, but it allows you to put the right boxes in the right rooms. 
  4. Show up to the home before you move the items and do some cleaning. You can clean the kitchen and the bathrooms and any other surfaces. Do some vacuuming, and even paint if you want to change colors before your furniture is inside.
  5. Cover the openings of bottles that have already been opened with Saran-Wrap and then re-cap them.
  6. Don’t stack plates and other breakable thin objects, instead pack them vertically so that they are less likely to break.
  7. Cover the tops of drawers with press and seal to keep the contents folded and inside them. This will allow you to use the drawers as boxes, and save on moving boxes.
  8. Use sandwich bags to keep small items handy, and then label the bags with the items that are inside them. You can then tape the baggies to the specific items they go with. 
  9. Cut down on the amount of boxes that are used by using all of the baskets, suitcases and other items that you have to pack items in. 
  10. Place a grocery bag over the clothing that is hanging in the closet, so that you can quickly grab the bag, with the items hanging and then hang them in the new place.
  11. Always take pictures of the home when you move in, and when you move out if you’re renting from someone. This can resolve any further miscommunication later on down the road.
  12. Change your address to the new one at least a week or two before you actually move to the new home. This can ensure all of your mail is delivered in time.

One of the best ways to reduce the stress you’re feeling with a move is to hire reputable, professional movers for the job. Speak with us here at Green Truck Movers to find what you’re looking for, and hopefully remove a bit of the stress you’re feeling about this move. 

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